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When we receive your form we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a tełephone call to outline the process to you. This call will give you the background you may need to decide to progress to an initial assessment or intake meeting.

Please use the contact form and we will then reply with some suggested times for a call. There is no charge for this call.

    How can Mediation help me?

    Mediation is a dynamic, collaborative process, offering a flexible, speedy, and cost-effective solution to disputes. Instead of lengthy and stressful court battles, mediation provides a confidential environment to address concerns and achieve mutual agreements.

    The Benefits of Mediation

    It’s less stressful, there is more control over the outcome, and it is often more financially accessible. The Ministry of Justice has reported significant success rates for couples opting for mediation.

    The Mediation Process

    At Better Mediation, our experienced mediators will guide you through this process, ensuring that it’s tailored to your unique circumstances.

    The mediator will summarise your proposals for you so that having taken legal advice, you can then have the proposals made into a legally binding agreement or court order.

    About Us

    Better Mediation, led by Sarah Ross, is a practice rooted in pragmatism and understanding. Having re-trained as mediator after years in marketing and management roles, Sarah brings years of commercial experience to her empathetic practice. She is a Family Mediation Council registered mediator, a member of The Family Mediators Association and registered and accredited by Scottish Mediation. ( All these organisations combined provide a strict regulatory framework and code of practice by which we operate and re-accreditation is required frequently).

    Sarah believes in working with clients to ensure that the mediation process respects and responds to their unique needs and concerns. The primary goal is to facilitate open dialogue, helping all parties to explore practical solutions that work best for everyone. Better mediation also has access to a network of experienced mediators with specialised skills to address a wide range of mediation requirements, including child inclusive mediation.


    The National Audit Office acknowledges that family disputes settled through mediation are more cost-effective than those addressed in Court. The mediation process can be cheaper and swifter than negotiating thorough solicitors or making an application to Court. Our fees reflect our dedication to providing a professional service that’s both effective and efficient.

    The fee for the intake meeting is £100.00 per person. Meetings take 45 minutes to 1 hour. If Mediation, then proceeds the fee is £150.00 per person/per meeting.

    While we don’t offer services to legally aided clients, we can direct you to advisors that do.

    We believe in the power of effective communication, striving for less adversarial and more collaborative resolutions. Whether you’re looking to resolve family disputes or understand the mediation process better, we offer a pragmatic, sensitive, and tailored approach.

    Where to find us

    Suite 47C, Citibase, 1 St Colme Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AA

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